About Us

Light and Energy Solution is a trading house for Hager and Berker products that enables green energy living. A sustainable future through efficient use of light and energy — by lowering the impact on the environment in the home, at work, and in business — is available today through the products we offer from established and reputable brands.

At the heart of Petaling Jaya, in an area called Old Town, Light and Energy Solution was established as an authorized distributor and system integrator in Malaysia for Hager and Berker Products and the Sole Distributor for Hager Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) in Malaysia

Building a Sustainable Environment for Homes and Businesses

The products we offer provide solutions for a complete system that gives you the precise controls to use your electrical applications in a more efficient manner.

Integrating energy aware products into buildings, for homes and offices, is more cost effective with the products we offer, and it brings the benefit of lowering the environmental impact of energy consumption.

Delivering Trusted Service for Green Solutions

The pairing of our experience and the products we choose to distribute delivers a service for green solutions that you can trust.

Light and Energy Solution has a pool of consultants and contractors with a collective experience of more than 10 years. Furthermore, we choose to distribute products from Hager and Berker for their superior operation and broad selection of green products.