Hager Witty Electric Vehicle Charging Station

As a specialist in smart energy supply, Hager has expanded its activities to develop charging solutions for Plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles. Hager now offers EV manufacturers and users innovative solutions for public or private charging systems

Electric mobility

Save fuel, tank electric

The need to reduce CO2 emissions as well as the scarcity of fossil fuel resources challenge us to find new solutions for transportation. Electric vehicle is one such solution, which is why charging stations for Plug-in electric cars will soon become a standard feature of any building’s electrical installations.

To ensure safe operation, charging stations are installed only by our network of professional electric installer partners.

In order to be better prepared for this new generation of transport, as well as to ensure that the best solutions were available, Hager trialed its charging stations in Paris and Strasbourg in partnership with eco friendly transportation actors (suppliers, car manufacturers, services operators).

The tests proved that to develop this economical and eco friendly means of transportation, it was necessary to be able to charge one’s car anywhere and at any time

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